Our Services

Every business and client is different. Below you will see some of the services we can help with, but packages are very much bespoke and tailored to you and your business's individual needs. 
Employee Engagement
Cloud-based HR

Do you want your business to be more productive, more profitable, and easier to run?


Engaged teams provide you with insights, innovation, and opportunities. We can help you to do this

A technology platform that enables you to engage with your team to grow your business. We can provide you with this, and any training required

An easy, repeatable system that gets results - ask us for a free benchmark assessment

Do you use paper-based files? Do you need easy-to-run systems to make people management easier?

We can help centralise your employees' information, and by creating a cloud-based system you will be GDPR compliant

Cloud-based systems are easy to use and you have control over who sees them

Having your people management tools in one place means you can make company announcements, improve communication with your people, plus much more! 

Staff Well-being

Staff well-being is now a bottom-line issue for many organisations - how does that affect yours?

We can help by:

Transforming productivity and staff engagement through a healthier and happier workforce

Reducing absenteeism

Improving staff retention and talent acquisition

Coaching for Line Managers
Asian woman having a job interview

We provide remote HR services such as coaching for line managers on a range of topics, including the main areas of concern such as:

  • Recruitment and Selection

  • Managing Performance                 

  • Managing Absence and Capability

  • Discipline and Grievance 

Policy work
Services can be tailored to your requirements. For example, one-off advice, management of a specific project, or a long term partnership
Health check of existing HR policies, procedures and documentation, with recommendations as necessary
Creation of HR policies and procedures from scratch for business start-ups or growing businesses
HR documents, such as letters to employees
Other services we offer include:
Psychometric testing - Personality Profile Assessments (PPAs), 360-degree assessments, and Motivational Maps, to name a few. Contact us to discuss your requirements

Contract terms and conditions - contract types, forming an employment contract, express and implied terms, and more

Dispute resolution - conciliation and mediation, employment tribunals
Employee relations - information and consultation on collective redundancies, trade union recognition, and age-related issues

Equality - discrimination, disability discrimination, harassment, and bullying

Family-friendly rights - maternity/paternity/adoption leave and pay, right to request flexible working

Flexible working - the right to time off for those with dependents

Legislative changes - statutory rates, forthcoming legislation, and more

Pay and benefits - national minimum wage, sick leave and pay, holiday entitlement, and pay

Termination - Employee dismissal, resignation, redundancy, and retirement 

TUPE transfers - information for transferees, consulting employees on TUPE