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Why should you work with BlakeHR?

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Hi, I'm Sandra Blake and I'm the Founder of BlakeHR. I thought I would start my first blog with a Q and A, of questions that potential clients often ask me when we first start talking and building a relationship. Why not check out more 'about me' when you have read this blog?

How do you approach your work?

My job is to provide friendly support in a way that you can understand. This means:

  • Not using jargon and "HR speak"

  • Using plain English, especially in written documents

  • Providing you with documents or recommendations for best practice

Coaching your managers (if required)

  • Always working to the mantra that "no question is a silly question"

Tell me about your credentials

I qualified with the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) in 2009. I became a Chartered member in 2014 after gaining substantial industry experience in the HR field. The CIPD are the industry-wide recognised membership good practice body for the HR and people related profession.

My HR experience comes from a wide variety of sectors, including but not limited to education, central Government, telecoms, retail, logistics/distribution, manufacturing, IT and accounting.

What experience do you have on project management and HR?

Some of my past projects have included:

  • Transfer of Undertakings (Protection of Employment) also known as TUPE, both for transfer in and transfer out, for multiple organisations

  • Transformation and integration, ,including most recently, helping an organisation to implement a new system to combine their HR, payroll and finance functions

  • Workforce planning and restructure of an organisation that took on new projects and required new skillsets

  • Employment tribunal, where my role was to support the senior management in their respose to an unfair dismissal claim

How do you ensure you stay up-to-date with HR law and compliance?

I ensure this through many different things. Firstly by Continuous Professional Development (CPD) which is how I am able to call myself a Chartered CIPD professional, and is part of the membership. The importance of staying current cannot be overstated as things can change quickly and often do in the HR space. I stay up-to-date with HR news and trends by study, journal reading, networking and attending webinars frequently.

Why should you choose to work with me?

Because of the type of work that I do, it's essential to gain trust from the outset. I'm trustworthy, professional and personable. In recent organisations that I've worked with, I have been described as "the voice of reason", "a safe pair of hands" and even "a comfort blanket"!

I have great knowledge and experience which makes me an essential part of your consulting team for all of your HR and people needs.

Thanks for reading this blog. I hope that it has given you a bit more insight into both myself and BlakeHR.

How can I help you with your HR and people needs? Book a call now to find to make an appointment for a no obligation chat, or complete my contact us form.

If you would like to find out more about the types of service I offer please visit my "Our Services" page.

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